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Johannesburg, 22 August 2013. The Southern African Plastic Pipe Manufacturer’s Association (SAPPMA) unveiled a brand new corporate identity to its members and media during the association’s 9th Annual General Meeting held at Bytes Conference Centre in Midrand earlier this week.

Explaining the rationale for the new logo and colours, SAPPMA Chairman Jan Venter said that the SAPPMA logo was reworked to update the overall look and feel and give the logo a more modern and timeless look.

“We worked closely with our designers to include and use elements that carried a specific message”, Venter says. The new logo sports a font that is clear and modern to reflect the message that the association is relevant and in step with the demands of a modern society. “However, we decided to stay with the corporate blue from our previous logo as it is an established and recognizable colour associated with SAPPMA, and we are building on our successes of the past”.

A new design element in the form interlinking was introduced as a main element of the logo, symbolizing PVC pipes in different colours as well as all as the different SAPPMA members coming together as a unit under the umbrella association.
“The transparency of the circles and how they are interlinked symbolizes the fact that all of our members are still entities on their own, but under SAPPMA they form a unit. The way that they are linked together gives a forward movement to the logo which symbolizes the growth and forward movement of the association”, Venter explains.

The new identity was widely welcomed and well received by SAPPMA members, who said that they appreciate being allied with an association that is progressive in its thinking and its activities. The new look will be used extensively during the next few months when SAPPMA releases its new and updated Technical Manual to the engineering fraternity and hosts its international Pipes VII conference next month.

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