News Item:
12 Jul '12 - Rothenberger Donates Plastic Pipe Welding Machine

Johannesburg, July 2012. Rothenberger Tools South Africa recently donated a P160B plastics pipe welding machine to Plastics|SA for the primary purpose of training the industry’s future pipe welders.
According to Steven van Zyl, National Sales Manager at Rothenberger SA the donation is seen as an investment in the future of the plastic pipe industry.
“Specialist engineers (beyond first degree) are reportedly not produced in a quantity that is sufficient for the growth of the plastics industry. Similarly, at an operations level, plastics pipe welders and fabricators are also in short supply due to new competency demands arising from innovation and technological development. The availability of trained and experienced thermoplastics welders remains of critical importance to the industry”, he said.
Expressing appreciation of Rothenberger’s generosity, Manjary Subiah, Regional Training Manager (Gauteng) for Plastics|SA, said: “We will be using the P1608 pipe welding machine in our Thermoplastic Fabrication training. Our Thermoplastic Fabrication Qualification (Learning programmes) is linked to theory, practical and workplace experience; and is geared toward building up competencies in pipe welding and fabrication in the industry. We cover a wide range of processes in our training such as Butt, Extrusion, HotAir, Electro-fusion, Socket-Fusion and Solvent welding”.
Jan Venter, CEO of the Southern African Plastic Pipe Manufacturers Association (SAPPMA), also expressed his association’s gratitude for the machine, saying: "The plastics pipe industry is extremely important in South Africa where major infrastructural development and expansion are to be done. Plastic pipe is the preferred material for water distribution and sewage disposal and it is of critical importance that top quality is maintained, both in pipe manufacturing and pipe installation. Butt welding of polyethylene pipes result in a robust and leak proof system, provided it is done correctly. The importance of operator training can therefore not be overemphasized. Rothenberger's donation is sincerely appreciated."
Concludes Van Zyl: “We were excited about the opportunity to show our commitment and support to Plastics|SA by helping to enrich the young lives of South African plastics students. We are confident that this practical experience will stand them in good stead in their future employment as they are given the opportunity to train and hone their skills on one of our company’s flagship welding models”, Van Zyl said.

Photo caption: From left to right:
Anton Hanekom – Executive Director (Plastics|SA)
Steven van Zyl – National Sales Manager(Rothenberger)
Rose Diedericks - Head of Maintenance (Rothenberger)
Leigh-Ann Ackerman – Inventory & Marketing Manager (Rothenberger)
Isaya Mtshweni – Technical Trainer (Plastics|SA)