The Role of IFPA and Plastics SA defined May 2015 - DOWNLOAD

The Installation and Fabrication Plastics Pipe Association (IFPA) was formed to expand regulation of the Plastic Pipe Industry in Southern Africa. The formation of this association is an initiative of SAPPMA (The Southern African Plastic Pipe Manufacturers Association).

SAPPMA was formed in 2004 to represent the interests of the Plastics Pipe business in Southern Africa. The scope of SAPPMA includes matters such as product quality; sound technical information; market education, environment and ethics. A well-engineered pipe system is dependent on good design, high pipe quality as well as minimum standards at the downstream end (fabricated fittings and pipeline installation). In order to achieve this goal, SAPPMA decided to create a subsidiary association to attend to fabrication and installation matters.

The objective of IFPA is to ensure:

  • A consistently high standard of fabrication and installation
  • Commitment to honest business practices and ethical standards
  • Support and assistance to consulting engineers and customers who specify or use these products and services
  • A reliable database of approved installers
  • Compliance with the Competition Act 89 of 1998
  • Ensuring that members comply with all environmental laws and regulations

The association is open to all fabricators and installers of plastic pipe, as well as suppliers of pipe fittings and related equipment. Interested companies can apply for membership. Membership approval is dependent on passing an audit of their systems and standards (audit checklist available upon request) and the payment of the specified membership fee. In addition a Code of Conduct needs to be signed by the managing director of the business.

The benefits to members are substantial and include matters such as marketing exposure through publicity and marketing campaigns and being part of a reputable, regulated association. Being part of IFPA is a way of differentiating the responsible players in the field from those who are reckless about quality and ethics.

Benefits to members:

  • Interaction at regular meetings on technical, training and industry related matters (strictly non commercial)
  • SAPPMA approval as recommended supplier
  • Access to the latest information on welder training and certification
  • Extended welder re-certification period due to annual IFPA Audits
  • SABS Interaction
  • Use of IFPA Logo
  • Bend Testing reduced cost
  • Free access to SABS Standards
  • Valid complaints or queries are handled by a central body
  • Factory audits & ad hoc product testing of IFPA members
  • Participation in the only representative plastics pipe installation forum
  • Marketing (Advertising, Exhibitions, Conferences, Golf days, Website)
  • Listing on SAPPMA website
  • Social interaction and networking opportunity at Association events
  • Adherence to high quality Standards
  • Code of Conduct differentiates members as high quality companies
  • Keep up to date with latest Standards and Industry practises
  • Minimal membership fee

IFPA members are required to have their welders certified via Plastics SA.   As an IFPA member, your welders’ certificates will be renewed every three (3) years and not annually as with non-IFPA members.  In addition, Members receive a discount on training at Plastics SA.

IFPA Members are required to identify each weld.  The reason for this initiative is to improve traceability and to further differentiate quality service providers in the plastic pipe industry.  Once an approved member, you will be allocated an official IFPA Member number.  This number will appear on your stamp and must be used along with the welder’s own welder number (as issued by Plastics SA).  The stamps must be ordered from IFPA once you become a member of the association.

We encourage members to attend as many meetings as possible.  It offers an ideal opportunity for interaction with industry, fellow members and technical expertise; and for keeping informed about the latest developments.  We schedule dates for the entire year (and try to keep to it) to assist members with planning their calendars accordingly. Members will also qualify for the members’ discount at the annual SAPPMA conference. 

IFPA Members are encouraged to support SAPPMA Members – the mutual support of these two associations ensure a quality offering to the client and is to the benefit of the entire industry.  Quality is the cornerstone of both associations and IFPA is making excellent progress in the plastic pipe market.  As you may be aware, more and more Specifiers and Consulting engineers are insisting on the IFPA mark.  Members are strongly encouraged to only use SAPPMA approved pipe and IFPA approved fittings.

As member you will be strongly encouraged to only use SAPPMA approved pipe and IFPA approved fittings.

For further information please contact:

Mike Smart