IFPA (Installation and Fabrication Plastic Pipe Association) is a voluntary association and an affiliate of SAPPMA, which is incorporated under the laws of South Africa as a Section 21 Company. IFPA represents plastics pipe Installers and Fabricators.

The members of IFPA agree to bind themselves to a code of conduct and policies which will demonstrate their commitment to lawful business practices, free and fair competition and compliance with competition and environmental laws, rules and regulations as well as the production and marketing of highest conforming quality products and services.


  • To ensure compliance with all applicable standards and policies
  • To develop standards where not available
  • To provide correct technical information to the market
  • To demonstrate commitment to honest business practices and the highest ethical standards
  • To ensure that members comply with all statutory environmental laws and regulations
  • To create confidence in the downstream side of the plastics pipe industry
  • To ensure compliance with the Competition Act 89 of 1998


Members shall:

  • Ensure that the welders that they employ are certified by a MerSETA accredited training provider.
  • Comply with all legislative and regulatory requirements specified by SANS/ISO/CEN/ASTM/DIN/AS as well as others mutually agreed upon by the Association.
  • Not supply counterfeit or inferior products, services or designs and pay due regard to trade mark, copyright, design and patent ownership and all other intellectual property rights.
  • Pass the annual IFPA Audit
  • Comply with all relevant laws and regulations in the operation of their businesses
  • Refrain from any form of corruption with customers, suppliers, competitors, legal authorities and any other persons
  • Comply with all environmental laws and regulations in their business operations

Non-compliance by members:

Any complaint that an IFPA member is in breach of this Code of Conduct shall be reported to the IFPA Chairman for investigation. Non-compliance with this Code of Conduct may lead to expulsion from IFPA, as outlined below.

Disciplinary steps:

  1. Letter or e-mail to member, allowing reasonable time to rectify.
  2. Temporary suspension (6 months) and published on IFPA website.
  3. Suspension (12 months, plus re-application) and published on IFPA website.

Members who are stub manufacturers agree to:

  • Undertake to preferentially use SAPPMA endorsed pipe in their fabrications and installations. In case of imported pipe, pipe shall as a minimum be supplied by an ISO 9001 or equivalent certificated company
  • Allow sampling and testing of fabricated and installed products at any time and without prior notification, subject to principal contractor agreement
  • Allow unannounced factory and site audits
  • Regularly submit an updated list of certified welders per Appendix A
  • The Association making public any repeated non-conformance to this Code of Conduct

Members who are stub manufacturers agree to:

  • The material use shall conform to Clause 4.3 regarding the source of raw material, Clause 4.4 regarding the characteristics of the raw material, as set out in Table 1 for granules and Table 2 for pipe in SANS 4427-1 General.

Use of the IFPA logo:

Members will be entitled to use the IFPA logo on their stationery and products, signifying their membership compliance with this Code of Conduct.

Attendance of meetings:

Members must attend a minimum of four meetings per year.

Download the full IFPA Code of Conduct here